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The soft centre is built into an old chocolate factory. Located in an inner northern suburb of Melbourne, the soft centre combines state of the art digital recording together with classic analog outboard. The mix room is based around a now classic Neve Baby V (5104) console. The outboard lis is comprehensive will all the staples you would expect in a professional mix room as well an eclectic mix of other sonic goodies. It offers a unique facility for tracking, mixing and music making. It is both an analog and digital wonderland.

Christian Scallan

Christian Scallan is a Melbourne based freelance music producer and audio engineer and creator of the soft centre. He has recorded and mixed a huge variety of musical projects from band to entire orchestras on both albums and films. Starting out as a weekend DJ (old school) he went on to graduate from LaTrobe Universities highly regarded contemporary music program. He has played bass, keyboards and programmed beats for numerous touring bands. The soft centre is Christian Scallan’s personal studio and refelects his passion and love of music, sound and gear.

What’s happening at the soft centre, news, ramblings and all manner of studio stuff here in the studio blog.

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